• Dr. Leah Fortson

God is Safe

Updated: May 25, 2019

One of the most challenging decisions we are called to make is the decision to surrender. This decision is difficult primarily because it requires us to release our illusions of control and autonomy. It challenges the delusions that we are in control of our lives and know what’s best for our lives. These basic underlying assumptions are what enables us to go days without intentionally turning to God – reading our bibles, praying, seeking after Him. For most of us, our relationship with God is relegated by our life circumstances. Whereas Moses was most close to God on his mountaintop, we are often farthest from God on our mountaintops – everything’s going well, life is good… it’s the valleys, the hard times, the turbulence in our lives that awakens us from our fantasies of sovereignty to the reality that we control nothing, we know nothing, we are nothing… apart from God. It is here that we come to the astonishing conclusion that our sufficiency is sufficient only because He IS.

As I was praying this morning I was reminded that God is not like any person we have been or will ever be in relationship with. However loving and committed an earthly relationship may be it can in no way compare to our relationships with God because God is completely, totally, perfectly, SAFE. And because God is safe we can trust Him with our submission.

So here’s my prayer for you today:

May you become profoundly aware of the God whose name is a strong tower – a source of safety and security. May you freely abandon your need for control, knowing that the one who truly controls all things is capable, competent, and willing to guard you, protect you, and defend you as you surrender.

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