• Dr. Leah Fortson

On The Other Side

Mark 5:21 “When Jesus had crossed over again in the boat to the other side…”

In the fifth chapter of the Gospel of Mark, Jesus “crossed over” at least three times. He ventured to the other side three times! Upon each instance in which Jesus crossed over, he encountered something – a man in bondage, a woman with unending cycles, and a little girl… dying! Each time Jesus crossed over he was met with a situation that from a human perspective seemed impossible, yet as we read this fifth chapter we see each impossible feat conquered. And not only were these feats conquered, but they were conquered by the one who had crossed over.

I have often heard believers talk about the other side as if it were this glorified reality that is absent of mountains, hills, trials, and adversities. We talk about the other side of our problems as if it will be a bed of roses or a peaceful meadow. In reality, the only other side that exists without difficulty is our heavenly eternity; but what is on the other side is victory! Victory is on the other side. As you cross over your economic stratifications, as you cross over the limitations placed on you by the words of others and yourself, as you cross over the boundaries in your mind regarding what you can do and who you can be, as you cross over past hurts and disappointments, know that whatever you encounter next is simply an opportunity for victory! So keep stepping. Seize that opportunity. Sure, you may face challenges, but remember, although Jesus crossed over in a boat, you will be crossing over in Him!

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