• Dr. Leah Fortson

Overcoming Shame

Last week we talked about the nature of shame and how it often causes us to hide. This will come as no surprise to many of you but if shame causes us to hide, the first step to overcoming shame is to expose it, reveal it, and bring it to the light. The sheer thought of exposing what we've hidden, revealing what we've concealed, and bringing to light what has been allowed to lurk in the shadows is frightening. We immediately wonder, what will people think, what will this mean for me. Some of us are a bit more defensive (yes, I said it) and we believe that it is no one's business - we've mistaken secrecy for privacy and we've bought into this fallacy that our truth is more dangerous than our lies.

What I've recently discovered about my own shame is its insidious nature - shame robs us of our voice and the truest expression of ourselves. I've been challenged lately to speak, to put words to experiences I haven't discussed before. Can I tell you how difficult it is? It requires humility, vulnerability, and trust - not in people but in the God who promised confession leads to healing. So find someone, find someone who's safe and take a radical step - put words to your experiences, embrace your truth, confess that you might be healed.

I've received so many messages over the past few weeks! Know that I read every message and pray for each of your request. We're overcoming shame and we're doing it together!