• Dr. Leah Fortson

Seize The Inspiration!

Two weeks ago, after returning home from an inspiring conference focused on entrepreneurialism I whipped out my laptop and began writing. What did I write? A business plan. How many times do we have thoughts and ideas in moments of inspiration only to allow those thoughts and ideas to pass. We say we want more, we even ask God for more, yet when inspiration comes we fail to seize it.

We allow sometimes great ideas to pass us by because of personal skepticism. We talk a lot about the opinions of the people around us but what about your opinion? How often do you find yourself talking yourself out of possibilities rather than into them? How many times do you find yourself counting all the reasons something will not work rather than the reasons it could? How often do you put things off to “someday” - that imaginary land that holds so much possibility that no one taps into. Stop talking about someday! What will you do today to move yourself closer to your dreams?

In Habakkuk chapter 2, the writer says to write the vision and make it plain. I want to challenge you this week to write down what you want to accomplish and 1 or 2 action items that will move you toward the accomplishment of that goal. The clear articulation of a dream is often the first step in making that dream a reality!